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  • Thanks! I found the thread about a potential new board and was planning to comment there. I like having the wifi separate from the ARM because of my application niche but for others, the ESP32 will probably change the picture a lot. If you do a new board the (now slowly becoming available) ESP32 looks awfully attractive. Ridiculously powerful, wifi and bluetooth both, and quite cheap (those not familiar, see

    If the ARM and 8266 are both on at once, can I write some protocol for the ARM to ask the 8266 to read and write flash blocks? Speed wouldn't be a huge issue.

    I do think battery backed RTC is essential for most everything I do, so I'm always puzzled why more boards don't have it. Yes I guess I can put the board in an enclosure with a lipo but I liked having it USB powered when in use, and a tiny battery running the RTC when the board is unplugged.

    I do expect to not use the wifi much of the time, at least on battery power, allowing turning off the 8266.

    I have to say I find all the current Espruino hardware (Pico, Wifi, and Puck) really wonderful, tasteful designs. Everything in them is there for a reason and everything missing was omitted because of a sensible trade-off. Kudos!


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