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  • Hi, I just saw the espruino wifi and it looks like a fantastic product! A couple questions:

    1) the Tindie page mentions an RTC with external oscillator. What does that mean? Is there an xtal oscillator on the board that's independent of the main chip? Are there pins for battery-backup of the RTC when the main power isn't available?

    2) If I could wish for one more feature, it would be a lipo charger on the board. Absent that, is there a simple add-on that I can put between a lipo battery and the board, that allows running from either USB power o r battery, and charges the battery from USB? Something like the Adafruit Feather series.

    3) [added] How does the STM processor communicate with the 8266? Is that an ESP12 module with the 4MB SPI flash on it? It would be nice to be able to use that flash.



    P.S. I think it is ok to make the board a little bigger, to support these features! Once it's no longer in the usb plug-in form factor, a few more square mm doesn't matter as much. It's still smaller than the Teensy and comparable boards. Here's another one that I really like:­/dragonfly-stm32l4-development-board/

    It has a supercap to power its RTC, an interesting idea. No wifi though. Could use a separate module for that.


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