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  • Hi there
    sorry for the delay ( work :/ .. )

    answer from Greg Wang - Espressif Systems Customers service

    Yes, you can use flash more than 32Mbit. But the firmware is up to 32Mbit, no more. You can read and write the rest area as norma data storage.
    Currently we can support to 128Mbit max this way.

    ( confirmation of / additional info on answer by Pete Scargill - as @user67316 - who were kind enough to share it on page 6 of this topic )

    But only 1 meg for programs and possibly another meg for the OTA copy - the rest of the space could only be used for data - using for example the file system in the Arduino environment...

    During my latest tests, I had troubles flashing a NodeMCU ( ESP-12 ) board with the "latest" releases of both & Espruino, even using dio & slower bauds didn't seems to do the trick :|
    -> I'll check again using the latest build provided here & post the results ( for: ESP-01, ESP-01 32M ( flash upgr. ), ESP-01 128M ( flash upgr. ), ESP-12 ( NodeMCU ) )

    On the crypto vs graphics topic, I'd say both are relevant ( though I'd 1st have fun with graphics than the other .. even after watching some Bruce Schneier talk ;p ) - so, additional param when building ?

    @JumJum actually don't know if this 'd help, but try using '%zu' or casting as '(unsigned long)theUint32tVar' ?


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