• maybe you could use affiliate links

    Yes, I'd hoped to try and sort something out based on the 'what you need' list and buy links on the Espruino site, but to be honest I never found anyone interested apart from DigitalMeans who at least added some links to their shop.

    After Puck.js ships I'll probably try and spend a bit more time on tutorials and making fun stuff, moving more towards videos (because I can post them in Hackster/Instructables/etc). If there's enough demand from that then I'll probably start selling kits here - it might be a good way to grow Espruino a bit more while actually helping everyone out.

    a cool thing could be, code and schematic side by side

    Hmm, nice idea... there's actually already some code in EspruinoDocs (i think) that scans all the .md files for code and tries to create the links under 'Examples' in the reference. It's using Tern, which does some nice code analysis - it might be you could hook onto the info from that to find out where to link from the code. That way stuff like var PIN = A5; PIN.set() would still link up.

    In fact if you're up for a challenge then dynamically loading tern and adding proper tooltips with explanation (like is done for the Web IDE) would be amazing. To be honest you could probably do it pretty easily - just steal the Web IDE code, and when you click some icon on the code view you replace the whole thing with a read only Codemirror instance and it's job done.


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