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    A while ago I played around with touch screen displays that resulted in a quite terse, resource frugal UI implementation: UI Module w/ Buttons, Checkboxes,... for Display w/ Touchscreen.

    Recently I picked up where left of and completed what I was originally going for. Several serious refactoring cycles lead to the 'thing' I'd like to share, to contribute as generally available Espruino modules, and also to provide some tutorials to introduce the rich options... last but not least an introduction how to build and integrate your own ui element extensions.

    Already too many words, therefore a picture right away... actually more than one... See image attachments showing Buttons, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Sliders and even a soft '101'-Key keyboard, all on a touchscreen LCD (...which you get for a few bucks).

    More out of a need or constraint than intentionally, I developed a simple cross development environment in the Web browser - after all, it is with display, and the browser has what is needed: display AND JavaScript. The browser gets the modules from the same sand box folder as the Espruino Web IDE and thus validation in the real environment is just an upload click away... (...is as close as an upload click... on the same screen, just in different window). I'll share crosses development as well. At this point it is developed to the point to support this particular ui framework development work, but it has the core ingredients - such as the cache - that allows to add emulating modules for many hard ware modules to run complete applications.

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