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  • I came across a few times with the same error: "No code in Flash" when I toggle power of ESP-12. This time root of the problem is the code size. If I remove some part of application code, it loads and executes well, and it starts on power toggle. If I re-add that part of (unimportant) code, my application works OK, but it doesn't start when power is toggled. If load() function is executed, it prints "No code in Flash":

     _____                 _ 
    |   __|___ ___ ___ _ _|_|___ ___ 
    |   __|_ -| . |  _| | | |   | . |
    |_____|___|  _|_| |___|_|_|_|___|
     1v86.171 Copyright 2016 G.Williams
    Espruino is Open Source. Our work is supported
    only by sales of official boards and donations:
    Flash map 4MB:512/512, manuf 0xe0 chip 0x4016
    No code in flash!

    Since ESP-12 has 4MB of flash memory, it shouldn't related with memory or application size, right?


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