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  • thanks for the confirmation ;)

    I am [ still ] digging the nordic doc .. I hope I'll get that cli option ;p

    Aside from that, seeing the following appear on the forum (­292530/#comment13202218 ), I was wondering about the 2 following use cases:

    • when a paired phone & the watch are away from each other ( far than a set/adjustable threshold ), vibrate/ring the watch & display a message ( "notification" ? ) on it ( we could also do so on the phone as well - & also ring it - depending on what can be done on its side .. ) *
    • push notifications from a paired laptop to be displayed on the screen until the user presses the button ( to get back to "normal watch" mode )

    *although it 'd be far fetched ( or is it not ? ), I'd love to be able to locate a paired phone using a tiny arrow cursor on the watch ^^


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