• I also tried to get sdcard running with ESP8266.
    First problem was naming of pins in Espruino and naming on boards.
    Figured out at the end that
    NodeMCU.D1 is D5
    NodeMCU.D2 is D4
    NodeMCU.D3 is D0
    NodeMCU.D4 is D2
    NodeMCU.D5 is D14
    NodeMCU.D6 is D12
    NodeMCU.D7 is D13
    NodeMCU.D8 is D15
    NodeMCU.D9 is D3
    NodeMCU.D10 is D1
    Based on this connected D12 to mosi,D13 to miso and D14 to sck
    cs of SDCard was connected to B15
    Script now looked like this

    var s = new SPI();
    fs = require("fs");

    Running this I got a reset about 2 secs later.
    To get some more information, switched ESP8266Log to serial0

    var e = require("ESP8266");

    Running script above again error log and stackdump was sent to my terminal. This included information about the location where error occured.
    First of all, there was an Fatal exception 9.
    By comparing pc with listing, exception happened in check_fs (file ff.c)
    Thats a part of reading boot sector on SDCard.
    This point marked the end of my knowledge :-(


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