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  • Taiyo Yuden just make the modules as far as I know - to be honest I'd use Raytac, as that's what I use for Puck.js.

    I'm not convinced the Magellian Echo One uses nRF52?­305/Product-Related-News/Magellan-s-Echo­-smart-sports-watch-uses-Nordic-Semicond­uctor-chip-to-stream-smartphone-app-data­-for-up-to-11-months

    Or if it does you want to be really sure you get the one that does, as the 2013 one nRF8001 which Espruino won't run on.

    However if someone does make an nRF52 watch (I'm sure they will soon, if they don't already), that'd be really interesting.

    I'd start a new thread for that though. This thread should really stay as being for the DO-001 sports watch so it doesn't get too confusing :) Any other watch will definitely have different pinouts to those that I posted up here.

    Just to add: if someone finds a cheap nRF52-based watch that looks hackable I'd be happy to post a write-up or video that walks through the process of reverse-engineering it (taking macro shots + tracing tracks). My guess is some of the more mainstream watches will use multilayer PCBs and stuff that'll be much harder to reverse engineer though, so we may end up waiting until a cheap knock-off appears.


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