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  • I hope so .. ( I'll know soon enough ;p )

    Also, what's the underneath logic for the "0x[YY]C[YYY] 0x[YY]E[YYY] rule" ?
    I noticed the ..C.. & ..E.. endings, but didn't saw that in the datasheet ? ( I may be blind sometimes .. )
    Additionally, is the "_freq" param's value changing ? ( or is it somehow related to the ".setCPUFreq(80)" call for the esp chip :| ? )

    I'l try your suggestion as soon as I get up after some rest ;)
    -> yes, from what I could read, it should be happy with whatever until saving up .. I'll see that :)

    Thanks for the quick answer

    ps: not yet ready but it may be useful - sorry for messing with the branch troubles ;p


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