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  • This puts additional stress on the memory of Espruino...

    as in problems with size or problems with overall usage (frequency of read/write processes)?

    A bit disappointed on the lower end of it's temperature range.

    according to­ieve.aspx?ID=43359 :

    The storage temperature range for E Ink’s newest e-paper film is now
    at -25℃ to 70 ℃


    another option might be to add antialiasing to the existing Graphics
    library? You could then use the vector fonts?

    hmm i am not sure that would be a good move, if we add anti-aliasing (4 colours or 16? just in time calculations?) it will be bigger and afaik nobody asked for anti aliasing until now

    what i am after is a better documentation for creating own fonts (in the works) and maybe one additional bitmap font with a greater size