• code works like charm, i will try to change my conversion workflow (includes parsing a C file and creating javascript)

    ...are there versions with touch screen available you would know of?

    not that i know of, i am not sure it would make sense, the refresh cycle time goes not well with input reaction time expectations, if you google around you will find e.g. an interview (german) with a representative from pervasivedisplays who talks about touch and e-paper

    ...is there a reason not to use array of arrays? ...first array
    charCode / ASCII value indexed... with offset of 32 (0x20)?

    well i use only some characters not a complete set and some number gaps (e.g. abcdefghi but no j, and so on), so i need some address mapping , hmm i will try it with a complete font, maybe it fits into the memory (depends on width/height, will be interesting to test it out)