• Thanks! Sounds like a good plan - it's great to keep sharing what you're up to, and as you say there's no rush - if someone wants the code as-is they can just copy it. In fact they can even just require straight from the forum wirh require("https://espruino.microcosm.app/­api/v1/files/678070619d2612bcbdf8ff93714­63284cd5173e2.js")

    Yeah, memory is tricky. You've got stuff like the Pico with 5000 16 byte variables, all the way to the micro:bit and Olimexino with 250 or less 12 byte vars :)

    I'm not sure I'd name your stuff 1602A... it might just be confusing - after all, I have a bunch of 20x4 displays that I'm sure this would work on too. It's just thinking of something that implies it has more features than the standard version :)


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