• Since size is always an issue, this should be structured as an extension to the existing driver -- totally agree. Although compared to my GUI library, this thing is nothing more than thin smoke :-)

    Maybe even recast it as a 1602A display driver rather than a more generic HD44780 driver, as I think it safe to assume that that hardware always has the R/!W connection exposed. What do you think?

    Then, anyone with a different display implementation using the HD44780 can still use the 1602A driver for their display, even if its something else.

    It's not finished anyway, and won't be for a while. This, like the GUI project, are the output of my learning and experimenting with Espruino, MCUs in general, and the huge universe of "things" to attach as input sensors and output UI. So, unless there is someone out there dying to have this polished up so they can use it for a real project, it's on the "fiddle with it" shelf right now as my interest wanders around from one thing I'm messing with to another.

    Eventually (like, before the end of the calendar year) I plan to take a weekend to polish this, the GUI, a 28BYJ-48 stepper driver I just wrote this weekend (I'll be posting on that later today), and a few other tidbits into formal, submitted modules to the Espruino project on Github.

    Until then, I'll keep posting code in the forum for others to check out, looking for feedback.


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