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  • It'll run off 1.7v to 3.6v, so LiFePo4 would be perfect (I had no idea the voltage was different on them).

    Unfortunately that means it won't work out of the box with LiPo - which is annoying because you can buy LiPo CR2032 batteries. I've actually just finished tweaking the PCB for this though... I added a part outline for a diode. If you cut the trace and solder a diode in, that'll drop the voltage enough that you can use a LiPo.

    Also, the absolute maximum rating is 3.9v, so if you were willing to push it, you could use a LiPo directly - just not when charging! And not when you turn the magnetometer on, as that really does only support 3.6v :)

    IO is 10mA typically, 15mA max - so not as beefy as the Pico, but you'll struggle to draw a lot of power out of a CR2032 anyway.

    You're probably best off looking at the chip specs for other info - the document is pretty good:­52832_PS_v1.1.pdf


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