• So at the moment, you have a bunch of yellow espruino nodes, and all of those nodes run on Espruino itself - connected via MQTT?

    Exactly. The nodes on espruino communicate with nodes in the node-red process (and with nodes on other espruiono boards) via MQTT. Local communication just uses function calls or setTimeout(.., 0) calls to break the tail recursion.

    I did consider gateway nodes but I found that I didn't really need that and that it's more elegant to do some magic where the wires are connected internally. I did not consider running arbitrary nodes on espruino for two reasons. One is resource consumption: I'm trying to keep the espruino side small. The other is that I don't see the use for it (I'm probably blind). I went down the sidebar in node-red and asked which of the std nodes I would run on espruino and I came up pretty empty. If I take the example of a DHT21 temperature sensor, do I really want to be able to write one implementation of a node that uses two different DHT21 modules which happen to have the same interface but are implemented very differently in espruino vs node-red? Maybe I'm missing the point?


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