• I wonder whether in cases where there is no RW pin (I can imagine many may not have it wired or want to wire it), we could just insert a short delay after clear? I know this has been an issue on and off for a while - originally it was fine, and then I boosted the interpreter speed and on some boards it stopped working... Then at some point it started again, and it looks like it's stopped again now :)

    I'm also aware of a few people using this on boards like the Olimexino, where memory is really scarce and there's no Graphics lib (and folks complain about the library even as it is). It looks to me like this could probably be designed as an extra library (HD44780_full?) that requires the original and adds the extra functionality? I could be wrong, but it seems like it'd work and be relatively efficient (and you could legitimately ignore the I2C version if you wanted to :)

    (also, I wonder whether IO over I2C is slow enough that the 'busy' flag isn't actually a problem on I2C?)


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