• Great enhancements...

    Questions: since scroll and shift are not the same - erwise you would have called it the same:

    1. Scroll is per line... individually per line... not sync between the lines? What I mean be that is that lines with different numbers of chars, for example 30 and 40, will have different scroll cycles: the shorter one completes 2 scroll cycles while the longer one goes through one.
    2. When having shifted (the view port) 20 chars to the right, what is the scrolling doing?
  • Unfortunately, the hardware simply shifts the entire 2-line display over the 40 char "buffers" together -- the two lines can't be shifted separately.

    The "scroll" is simply using the shift function of the HD44780 combined with setTimeout() and a little logic to handle the end condition to scroll/marquee the display.


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