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  • @dwallersv, like your turn in the road... I do not want to drum my chest, but I'm comforted by

    Decided I needed to "get in the MCU thinking mode" -- i.e. small footprint design, rather than my bias toward "elegance".

    I may have forced myself to go that route earlier... not voluntary, but by some sound, wise (and 'mindfully gentle' shoe horning - say 'kick a..') comments from @Gordon.

    MCs ARE a different world. It does not mean that all good things have to be dropped... some times it is just the 'outward' form, but not the thinking/design inside/behind the endeavour.

    My fight for staying as much as elegant, clean, API/interface-ing, 00-driven in the GUI came to an earlier 'give-in' than yours. I recall some discussion in the main thread about that. Though just recently - after reading @JumJum's contributions of building your own Espruino extension - natively - encouraged me to think about GUI again: having somewhere a fast buffer (add-on to the Espruino boards) and map very fast the changed area into the buffer of the display (DMA-ish). This way an overlay is possible, as well as writing to overlayed areas... (without 'redrawing/rerendering from non-visual source data').

    On the other hand: does a device like Espruino have to do all this work... of a windowing system? ...I'm not so sure about... I'd rather go - for achieving luxury, shiny UIs) - for including powerful servers/services on the internet as well as equally powerful end-devices/user-devices, such as smart phones and tablets... Even if IT IS possible to serve all from the MC, the MC is becomes more and more just a m2m component, and in the whole fabric of ms, some connect to the all-interconnected-world.

    Going for a hybrid, combining approach that includes all kinds of (readily available) devices and infrastructure is the current trend, also the path that Espruino puck.js has taken: BLE <- >hub <-> Internet <-> powerful end-device/user-device. Sensors and BLE battery powered and operational over years without changing the battery, BLE/Internet hub wire-powered, and powerful, universal end-device/user-device battery driven again, but 'constantly' recharged. Displays just suck the life out of a non-wired power source.

    There are though always niches that 'cannot follow the trend'... rightly so.


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