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  • Thanks - that's strange as it's in the zip! Just fixed it.

    I'm away from the office for a few days so I won't be able to test/fix the save issue, but it's possible this is related to building with GCC 5.3 - I found an issue on nRF52 where they changed how double floating point values were passes into function calls, and that broke some of the calls in Espruino.

  • Hey Gordon,

    Take your time. I'll collect some more meanwhile:

    While the compass() function now returns sensible values, it happens to fail with a i2c write error after a while (though no clear criteria on when/why).

    Also, when I use a non-rounded int resulting from Math.pow as a parameter for show(), I sometimes end up with the result for one less (that "one less" thing. again.):


    should only light up a single LED,





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