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  • New build from espruino master but using SDK 1.5.4 patch 1 and having 1600 JS vars:­247bc37f92b64d68e5c95f356907b7538358dbad­/espruino_1v86.tve_master_247bc37_esp826­6.tgz
    This build doesn't have anything radical new other than the newer SDK, which has some new RF calibration storage. I made it for myself and thought I'd share a link in case anyone is interested. The build got made by travis-ci, so please look into the .travis.yml file if you want to build yourself.
    In this build RF gets recalibrated at every HW reset, which takes 200ms. That's something I'll turn off again, I did it because Espressif is a bit vague about how this new stuff gets initialized and I was having some RF issues.
    Also different from prior builds is the fact that this uses lwip with 1460 MSS instead of 536, so expect more per-connection heap consumption. We seem to have gained a KB of heap with the latest SDK. We'll have to see how it goes...
    This build is fully up-to-date with master.


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