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  • Sure, it's:

    • STM32F411CEU6 (128kB RAM, 512kB flash, 100MHz)
    • ESP12 WiFi
    • 2 LEDs (+WiFi activity LED), 1 button
    • Micro USB, 500mA fused
    • 32kHz low speed oscillator

    It doesn't have the battery switchover stuff the Pico has, but that's not such a big deal really.

    At the moment it uses the same kind of setup as the Pico (with a JS ESP8266 module) but that's something I hope to improve in a firmware update later on - when that happens there will be built-in Telnet (and the option to serve the Web IDE up from the board). Right now you can get Telnet support, but it requires some JS on the board, and you can't use it for debugging.


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