• Hi Gordon,
    Sorry, I have checked my setup and all is OK with GND. I observe the following points :
    1) I save the code, set deep sleep, disconnect USB and the consumption is about 30uA : OK
    2) I disconnect the battery and reconnect it : the consumption increases to 600uA
    3) I reconnect USB and connect the board (with IDE) and set deep sleep : always 600uA
    4) The only way to obtain 30uA is to restart with point 1

    I have done these 4 points with and without B6 and B7 to GND. The best result is without.
    I also tested with B6 and B7 „digitalRead“ or not… the problem is the same.

    The firmware is 1v85.227 (I hope the link above is OK) and the code is :

    setInterval(function() {
      digitalWrite(LED1, 1);
      setTimeout(function () {
        digitalWrite(LED1, 0);
      }, 20);
    }, 10000);

    Thank you for your help !


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