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  • @Gordon - answer is obviously esp8266 powered robots programmed in Javascript to mug people and remit the proceeds to you. I'm not sure how to get revenue stream either. I mean, other than doing what you're doing with espruino wifi (imo you should promote the fact that one can run espruino on the esp8266 of the Espruino wifi - thus allowing you to offload more network tasks to the esp8266, if that is appropriate for your application)

    The fact that esp8266 's biggest appeal is possibly that it's dirt shit cheap makes things harder....

    @Kolban The ESP32 looks truly amazing, I think they let the esp8266 hacking community write the feature list or somethinf. I reckon it will have to be more expensive by a good margin to get all that functionality in - I can see that being a really attractive platform.


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