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  • As always, those look like pretty cool prototype boards!

    With an Espruino on ESP8266 crowdfunding campaign like the Micropython one, I'd get some money up front for ESP8266 development work, but actually it looks like the major work is done, and what's left is really just tweaking and documenting the minor niggles.

    Problem is, after that I'm going to have a bunch of ESP8266 users asking for support for the next few years, and there's not really any way I can afford to provide that since I wouldn't be making anything after the initial crowdfunding. I'd feel bad ignoring something that I'd kind of endorsed by doing the KickStarter.

    If anyone's got ideas for actually making money sustainably from ESP8266 I'd love to hear it (although a separate thread is probably a better place!). About the only thing I can think of is actually offering a paid web service (so ESP8266s can securely connect to an online Web IDE and be programmed from anywhere).

    While IoT services seem like a big thing at the moment, I wonder how many people would actually be willing to pay... After all, one of the big ESP8266 draws is it's price.


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