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  • Hi there !

    Just a quick update on this post:

    Here's a project by Adam Kumpf I stumbled upon a while back now, which I think may be still quite of interest:
    Even if it only work for "slow" baudrates, I was wondering if we could achieve that using only an Espruino board ( without any external component, aside from the electret mike ( with or without a breakout ) )­gWithHeadphones/

    I also don't know if a DTMF tone(s) decoder is easily doable using the waveform class ..

    Last but not least, being able to replace the jack plug with either a mike, a bluetooth audio receiver, a SIM breakout spk line or an intercom spk line 'd be quite cool ( ex: playing a waveform, either a pre-recorded one or directly from the WebAudioApi, to an intercomm's mike & getting the door opened, .. ) :)

    so .. WaveformSerial module anyone ? ;)


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