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  • @hansamann - v84? You're using an old version, @tve has a newer one here (page 3 of this thread - direct link to the post in the thread I'm talking about here):­332/

    The default baud rate used for the ESP8266 is different from what's used for other boards, if you're connecting via wired serial. I usually connect via wired serial using some other serial client, set up the wifi, and then connect with IDE over the network, though you can change the baud rate the IDE uses.

  • Thx @DrAzzy for the direct link. It would be great if these files would soon be under a link like :-) I am flashing the build in a moment. It would be amazing to get the espruino web ide and with a wemo esp8266 to work. It would be a $2.5 dev board, perfect for schools and kids. thx for your help!


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