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  • load 0x40100000, len 1396, room 16  tail 4 chksum 0x89 load 0

    $ÝabQbÁaL@$ÙabÁaLBERROR: Prompt not detected - upload failed. Trying to recover...

    I keep getting these errors on nodemcu 0.9
    tried and nodemcu GIU, esptool flasher etc.

    any suggestion?

  • I was having similar, interesting problems with a HiLetgo NodeMCU board, and found it was a poor ground near the micro USB connector, such that if I just rested my fingertip there I could connect successfully (115200 baud), get a prompt, and interact normally with the board after removing my finger. It seems to be only on initial connection that there's this noise flakiness.

    After getting in, I set up connecting the console via wifi (telnet), and connect that way without issue.


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