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  • Hi there !

    @allObjects Thanks ;)

    I plan to bring out the connections for [A4..B8] as a square of 4 pins on each side of the board, right next to the GPIN & GPOUT of the MAX, 8 pins each on both sides of the USB host plug

    Somehow a reason: I don't know yet which pins require special capabilities & also didn't add the SD nor a bluetooth/wifi footprint yet :/ ( SD/Ble/wifi as three logging/extras capabilities 'd be neat :) )

    Indeed, having the "square" pins & the GPI/O in double header configuration 'd mean no longer breadboard friendly ( although, the goal here is to minimize the size, but it's an idea to digg ;p )

    I am currently wondering how to add the SD ( & what about using a flex ribbon cable to be able to "slip" it it some enclosure, right above the USB host plug )

    here's an updated version of the pcb layout

    Nb: I don't know the "best" footprint to use for the caps & the resistors ( I'm not used to SMD stuff yet ;p ), if you have any hints, they 're welcome :)­7-espruino-pico-usb-host-sd-shim#pcb

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