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  • Hi there :)

    First of all, these links seems to be worth of reading ( even if I didn't have time to do so - don't get everything ;p ):
    game controller to USB mouse
    USB Enumeration Code (and More) for the MAX3420E
    Programming Guide

    And the above links are from this page: MAX3421E.html

    I did a quick circuit with was seems to be the bare minimum from the schematics I could find, it's hosted at the following url­5-espruino-pico-usb-host-shim/edit#schem­atic

    Now, I already did a "schematic view component" for the Espruino Pico on 123DCircuits, but I didn't ( I know that's a shame, but I don't know Eagle .. yet ? :| ) add a correct PCB footprint for it ( got one, but no correctly sized, yet I need a clean one if I want that shim ;p ) .. any soul willing to help me ( and many others who use that neat tool, yayyyyy ^^) on this ?

    Also, concerning the USB plug placement, I'm wondering what's best between a tinier yet fatter result, or a longer but thinner one .. ( and also what about having the plug "in the middle" of one end of the shim ? -> gotta draw some stuff from theses thoughts, to make that clearer ;) )

    Code side, I wonder if it's best to digg the Arduino sources before/after/while reading the official docs, but at least for now, I don't know enough in SMT low level stuff to be of any help I'm afraid :/ ..

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