• On both Picos? I've tried 4 now, 1v3 and 1v4, running 1v85 firmware, and have (with the pins pulled down) got good results off of all of them.

    Do you think you could post up a picture of your setup - I'm sure it's fine but I might not be thinking of something that's different.

    How do you put the software on? I've been setting the whole thing up with the current measurement, plugging in to USB, writing the code, and then unplugging USB. Usually the board won't sleep properly immediately - you might have to wait until the LED flashes once before it goes back to proper deep sleep.

    The final thing is to try and clean the boards with a board cleaner like isopropyl alcohol - salt from hands (or deposits if you soldered the pin headers yourself) could easily add fractions of a milliamp to the power draw.


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