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  • Hi there !

    I was about to write a post on USB host stuff, but I got my info from above:

    Espruino doesn't support being a USB host, so it's not possible to capture anything from USB devices.

    While this is a pretty clear answer, and while I was hoping some hack existed to handle that, I'm still wondering how long it'd take / how hard it'd be to use a max3421e & handle it via SPI ?

    Actually, if this was possible, I was planning to design a little shim that'd go on the back of the Pico to allow it to get keyboard key presses & log/save those to the flash or an SD ? ^^ , & also have the ability to "replay" them back later ( also, the ability to handle "key combos" to change modes 'd be neat ( .. ) )
    -> so yes, a keygrabber :D

    I plan to digg that when I have enough time to ( & also finish that SIM800L lib ;p)

    I'll be back when I receive the good stuff ( or as soon as I see nome neat feeback here ;p )

    Cheers +


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