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  • If 40V voltage rating is OK I would give ST "Omnifet" mosfet VNP49N04 a try.
    Besides being in TO220 through-the-hole case (which makes heatsinking a lot much easier) it is pretty well protected against abuse, difficult to destroy unless you roast with continuous overvoltage or reverse high current. Even without a heatsink it would be OK for about 7 Amps. The 3.3V drive should be enough to about 10A loads above that 5V would be better. One thing to watch out for is that unlike normal fets it does require some drive current for the protection functions, so you need to allow for 0.5 mA current. I.e. if you use a gate series resistance 50 to 100 ohms might be a good value. I would not recommend using open-drain output + pull-up resistor with these.
    Available from e.g. Farnell.


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