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  • Regarding shimming, I was thinking about a new way to do it:

    On the back side of the (or any new Espruino) board - the component free side - the pin rows would be complemented with pads for castellated shim. (Ignore the resemblance with the Espruino wifi board presented earlier in this conversation... I just took it for convenient photo shopping...).

    It may create some challenges for the routing, but a bit narrower pads still work too.

    The combination of pads and castellated shim has the benefit of:

    • main board can still be pinned
    • main board independent of shim
    • all pins available for ship
    • shim can adapt may things

    I can think even of partial shims: smaller add-ons using less pins would allow to have multiple shims placed side-by-side on the back of the main board.

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