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  • You also need to be able to get onto the GPIO pins to flash the ESP8266... and - unless I was mistaken - Gordon was planning to have the ESP8266's pre-installed.

    In any event, I think it's a bad idea to add support for some random take on long-range wireless. Why that one, and not one of the other dozen-plus modules? Unlike WiFi, there isn't one "clear winner" among LoRa - for WiFi, the ESP8266 just blows away all the other options, being outrageously cheap, and now capable of running Espruino too.

    And putting an SPI pin onto the ESP8266's GPIO2 pin (which I think your proposed pinout does) means that that SPI pin isn't usable if there's an ESP8266 there, which would be by far the most common case, so the common case is compromised for the uncommon one. For projects that use long range wireless, I think it's more appropriate to leave that on a separate board...


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