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  • Thanks so much for this, I can confirm that it works on the WeMosD1 board, see pic of board (NOTE: I couldn't get NodeMcu working on this board!). --port  /dev/tty.wchusbserial1410 --baud 9600 write_flash --flash_freq 80m --flash_mode qio --flash_size 32m  0x0000 "boot_v1.4(b1).bin" 0x1000 espruino_esp8266_user1.bin 0x37E000 blank.bin
    var wifi = require("Wifi");
    var http = require("http");
      console.log("connected: err:", err, ", IP:", wifi.getIP());
      http.createServer(function(req, res){
        res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/html'});
        res.write('Hello World');

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