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  • That's an old version of the FW - since it's now been officially released, it's part of the download package. I'd atleast step up to using the v85 release

    That said - wdt reset generally means you did something that kept it busy for too long without returning to idle loop, which causes the ESP8266 to assume your code is hung and reboot itself. You need to make sure you don't do anything that prevents it from coming back to the idle loop every so often (at which point it yields to the RTOS, which pets the dog as well as performing required, time sensitive network related tasks). Could this be explaining it? What were you doing at the time?

    I think power supply problems generally manifest as a different sort of reset (I always use my ESP8266-Espruinii via the network after the initial flashing, so I don't see what kind of reset it was usually). I've been impressed at how stable they are. Even without save()ing my code, I've had two devices running continuously since thursday evening, at near maxed CPU use.


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