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  • I amend my previous statement - I personally am somewhat more interested in the Espruino Cheapo. The more I think about this, the more perfect it seems....

    I actually plan to do much the same thing on both of them, most likely - whether I used the WiFi or the Cheapo would depend on my RAM and speed needs. Either way, I'll run Espruino on both the ESP8266 and the Espruino. The ESP8266 will be only running the web interface, and in response to things that involve talking to the rest of the system, it'll send something like "doThis(...)" over serial to the Espruino board. Likewise, if the Espruino board needs to make requests, I'd put the code to make the request on the ESP8266, and it would just send the call to it over serial.

    I hadn't previously thought about how easily you could lash Espruinii together like that. And the F0 has a shitload of UARTs. What, 6?! Could do a lot with that.....

    Is the F0 5v tolerant?


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