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  • Both? Frankly, I'm looking forward to both, though I think the WiFi one is more interesting, since it finally puts into one board the capabilities that everyone now seems to want.

    The WiFi I think has a bigger audience, and I think it will be a great option for WiFi-connected projects, and that's the one I more had in mind - though I have use cases in mind for the cheap one too, and I expect that I'd be using more of them than Espruino WiFi's.

    I don't like universal pre-installed pins - Some people want the pins facing down to put into a breadboard, some people want them facing up to connect jumpers to... but if you pre-install them, one of those groups of people is going to be unhappy. I mean, what if you put them with the pins pointing out of the ESP side? Then you couldn't use it without a breadboard, because it would be resting on the reset button, instead of the shield of the ESP8266. If you put them pointing up from the board, then when you put it in a breadboard, the reset button would be inaccessible.


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