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  • What are your go-to NPN and PNP transistors for controlling loads from a microcontroller? I figure it's probably better for me to use the same "common parts" that others are using, so I have the parts to follow other people's designs, and others can follow mine without buying obscure parts or adapting the design to more common ones.

    I want to handle loads of 300ma to a couple of amps for the NPN (ie, most will be high enough that a ULN2[8/0]03 isn't going to be happy running it continuously), running at 50-100% duty cycle (with PWM, in most cases).

    Are there any IC's like the ULN2003/etc, but with higher current specs (and presumably fewer channels per package, or a different package) that you have experience with and can recommend?

    For PNP transistors - well, what are your go-to transistors (not just interested in higher current)?

    What about PNP arrays like the ULN2003? They are obviously in production, and I can find them on google - but what are the ones people are actually using with arduino/etc?


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