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  • re cheapboard:

    I can see the rational for having pins 360 degrees... but for working on a breadboard, it creates the same issues as PICO has. I prefer the DIP pinning, like the espruino_wifi. As a compromise for 360 pinning: if the short side ones are for programming, connecting to USB/Serial, that may work.

    Putting headers 'downwards' on long side and headers 'upwards' on short sides, breadboard use is still possible - or - headers on long sides and wires - 'flexible headers' - with tinned (pins at the) end on the short sides: see @Gordon's breadboard friendly version of PICO, w/ picture).

    re espruino_wifi:

    A) What is the rational to put A8, A10 not on the outer line of pins?

    B) I wondered if there is space left for 'wiring' and pads for serial FLASH / EEPROM / RAM / FRAM / MRAM ... since available memory is always a challenge...


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