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  • Just a quick update on the cheap board. What's below is 1.7" x 0.75" - every pin is brought out basically in the order they are on the chip, except for the JTAG pins which are on a TC2030 tag-connect on-board header. There'll be (unpopulated) pads for 8Mhz and 32kHz oscillators, and it looks like there's also space to stick pads for a voltage regulator on too.

    Part of me thinks that tag-connect could be really nice. Not only can it do SWD/JTAG in a totally standard way (so you can do proper C development if you want to), but this chip has a UART on there too, so you could get access to the console over it using an FTDI dongle if you wanted a simple plug + go option.

    Cables are $35 from their site - it's not cheap, but I don't know of anything else that could be used.

    So other improvements:

    • Make it shorter and put the extra pins on the ends
    • Currently power/gnd/reset are on one end. I could move them around A9/A10 such that the FTDI cable would fit on (is this the pin ordering?). It does break the nice clean run of pins though - maybe I could just put that on the end?
    • There's not much happening on the rear at the moment. I'll have to route a few traces there, but potentially something else could be added? Not sure what...

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