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  • @DrAzzy yes, the leakage through the diode could be an issue for running the cheap boards off a battery I guess. Problem is, regulators with low leakage start to add more to the price :) The cheap boards would still run pretty well off a CR2032 I guess, and I could put 2 holes in so you could solder a battery holder on top.

    I always find it frustrating that the chips can't just run off voltages up to 4.2v - they've all got built-in voltage regulators to go down to 1.2v-ish internally anyway. I guess it's just the process technology.

    @the1laz yeah, the WiPy looks nice. You could already program the ESP8266 through the Espruino, so you could put Espruino on both. It would have been nice to get the IO broughtout of it, but there's just not space.


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