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  • Could pads for a regulator be left there, so we have that option?

    That's a good idea - yes, I'd imagine so.

    For the cheap boards I'd really like to find a cheap way of connecting TTL serial that didn't require an extra connector on the board, or wiring up a USB-TTL connector to the 0.1" pins. Any ideas?

  • I would favor the 6-pin FTDI-pinout header, personally, just to make it similar to other devices. But then, there's the issue of there being no regulator, and most serial adapters are 5v....

    But like, it seems like you're asking the impossible? If you don't want to have an extra connector, and don't want people to have to wire up a USB-TTL converter to the 0.1" pins, by my count that rules out every possible method of connecting to it.

    But yeah - the problem I keep coming back to thinking about this is that it would be really nice to use the cheap 5v serial adapters. Most of the cheap 3.3v adapters get the Vcc they supply on that pin by putting two shitty low current signal diodes in series with the 5v supply :-/
    And I think you've gotta be able to power it off the USB-TTL serial adapter, otherwise it's going to be a PITA to work with.



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