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  • Well, they wrote it. I can't say about electrodragon, but some suppliers don't provide the certificates that goes with CE, FCC and more unusual ROHS.
    So far there is the :
    +Acorn V1 (They wrote it on the metallic radio shield but I 'd like to get the certificates)
    +WT8266-S1 which is available from aliexpress supplier's shop and has it's certificates
    ? AI-thinkers pretends it, but I have not read it.

    All the others have just copied the esp8266 chip statements (and the chips have their certificates) but never have anything written about their modules.
    The thing is that PCB's material and soldering joints should also be ROHS: that's never written actually. To be CE, in theory, you have to retest some part of the radio functionalities / power once it's in the final box...

    Olimex is clear about not beeing CE for instance. Although they are ROHS. It's probably because of the costs and the metallic shield required for radio.

    So, it's a quick summary.


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