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  • Hello;
    Can anybody provide guidance as to the flash map, in terms of where to place the binaries, for a 1-Mbyte ESP module. I have several of these:­IFI_Module. They have the 25Q80 flash part mounted. After much flailing about I was able to program it as a 512-kbyte part. I am using the nodemcu flasher rather than the Python tool; this has never been a problem with the ESP-01. The first few attempts left me with a gibbering serial output that appeared to be dumping the memory. It was almost as if the preloaded AT firmware was still there in some vestigial form. After several misfires, changing the offsets, the Espruino 8266 binaries went in with all the default settings for the 1Mb/512kbyte part.
    Chris Z


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