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  • @luwar wow, 50k? Sounds like an interesting chip.

    1. It's almost certainly flash... I'm not sure anyone really uses OTP any more
    2. The accelerometer is the tiny black thing on the opposite side of the chip to the crystal. I didn't check it was the kx022 yet, but I imagine it is.
    3. I'm sure you could port Espruino to it, but it could be quite a lot of work. Generally it's not hard to get Espruino running with a serial terminal, but it'd take weeks to get it working with I2c, SPI, timers, etc, and then weeks more for Bluetooth :(

    @Ducky damn, that's bad news. Can you post up a link to the different one? It'd be good if we could figure out if there was any obvious difference from the outside.


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