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  • Hello,

    Aaargh! I ordered one and it is the wrong thing!

    It looks exactly the same as the one you have - same bracelet, case and charger. However the insides are different. It looks as though it has an LCD screen with a backlight rather than OLED screen and the chip inside is marked CC2541. This could be a TI chip with an 8051 processor, assuming it isn't a clone!

    It has "xianwei" and v3 written on the PCB, along with 2015.12.17 which I guess is a surprisingly recent manufacturing date. There is also a swoosh logo on the PCB which reminds me of a certain other sports manufacturer.....

    It's really interesting to do a search on for "smart bracelet nrf51822". There appear to be loads of identical looking products from different manufacturers. Some claim to use nrf51822, others a dialog semiconductor part, and I guess this one has a TI part. I'm not sure what it says that there are so many different companies making identical looking but different products. Now how to find the correct one on eBay...


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