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  • It's a thought - at the moment there isn't space for a uSD and it'd be a shame to increase the board size for it, but on the Espruino boards you can use software serial and can connect an SD card to any pins - so I could make an adaptor for uSD cards, but actually pretty much any adaptor should fit on pretty easily.

    I'll be using a chip with 512kB flash, so there should be a bit of extra memory available and I could maybe adjust the memory maps such that at least 2 of the 16kB flash pages were free. I guess the bootloader could be updated to allow it to update firmware over the network, but I'd think that would be a bit of a security risk.

    It'd be nice to be able to fit something like an SPI flash, but I don't think there's really room for that either :( I guess a OneWire EEPROM would fit, but actually if the 16kB flash pages can be made free, that would solve a lot of problems - especially as they could be used with the Fake EEPROM module, which can now memory-map the data so it never actually has to be loaded into RAM.


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