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  • Hi,

    I've been finding recently that 95% of all the sales from my Tindie store are for the Espruino WiFi shim - which, let's face it, isn't the easiest thing to solder up. It kind of points to the fact that quite a lot of people want WiFi.

    Now the Pico can do HTTPS with the ESP8266, and given it uses so much RAM there isn't a great deal left for other things, I've decided to make another board with both an ESP8266 and a chip with a little bit more RAM on (probably 128kB).

    Earlier this week I sent the first PCB off - it looks as below. It's roughly an inch by a little under an inch - about the smallest I could get it with the WiFi module on board, and pretty much everything is available on 0.1" pins so it's quite breadboard friendly. This one's got Micro USB too, rather than an on-board connector.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, or things they'd really like to see on it?

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